SQL - Application Log is filled with Event 17137, Starting up database 'PrintManager90'.


The Windows application log shows a large number of events from MSSQL$PMP indicating that it is Starting up database 'PrintManager90'.  

This occurs when the 'Local Microsoft SQL Express Database Engine' option was selected during installation.

Sample Entry:
Event 17137, MSSQL$PMP.  Starting up database 'PrintManager' or 'PrintManager90'



It is the default behavior of Microsoft's SQL Server Express 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2 to close the database upon the last connection open.  This was originally designed to improve performance by preventing a less frequently used database from being left open. 


If auto close seems to be affecting performance or you are seeing frequent starting of the database, it can be disabled following one of the below methods.

Method 1: Using SQL Management Studio Express

  1. Download SQL Management Studio:
    Any version that is 2005 or later can be used. The following link can be used to download the 2008 Express version.

  2. Launch SQL Management Studio and Connect to PMP Instance 
    Upon launching the studio, you will be prompted for the SQL Instance to connect to.  Choose ServerName\PMP or (local)\PMP.  You may need to type it in manually if it is not in the list. 

  3. Open Database Properties:
    On the left, expand your server and Databases folder and locate your Print Manager Plus database. This is typically labeled 'PrintManager90' or 'PrintManager'
  4. Turn off 'Auto Close' within Options
    Inside of Properties, open the Options setting page.  Within this page locate Auto Close and set it to False.

  5. Close Management Studio Express


Method 2: Command Line SQLCMD Tool
Auto Close can also be turned off via command line using the following options.

  1. Open Administrative Command Prompt
  2. Connect to the PMP SQL Instance
    Typing the below command will connect to the SQL Express instance named PMP 

  3. Turn off AutoClose

    Type or paste in the following command.  Replace PrintManager90 with your database name if it is different.


    After hitting enter, on line 2) enter GO

  4. Auto Close is now off
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