Regional Settings - The wrong currency is showing in my Administrative interface or Web Portal.


 Print Manager is showing US dollar sign in the Administrator and Web Portal instead of the correct local currency symbol. ( € £ ƒ ₮ ℳ )


 The region and currency in Print Manager are controlled and set by the region and currency selected on the server or workstation where the Primary installation of Print Manager is installed.

 Follow the below steps to configure your server.

 1. From the server or workstation open the Control Panel and click on Clock, Language and Region, and then click Region.

 2. From this dialog you can select the Format based on your location and the currency that you would like to be displayed, once you have made your selection you will see an example at the bottom of the dialog window.

 3. Click the Additional Settings to set and verify Numbers, Currency, Time and Date for the server.

4. Once you have verified and customized all the region and currency settings click ok and then click apply (you may be prompted to complete a restart when making these changes)

5. After completing the restart open the administrator and check currency symbols to ensure that they have applied, also check the WebPortal to ensure that the correct currency is also being displayed.


If you have completed the above steps and the currency is still displaying the US dollar sign in the WebPortal then you may also need to adjust the language settings in your browser as well if you are not using Microsoft Edge.

To change the language settings in your browser follow the steps below (using Google Chrome and IE 11 in the examples below)

Google Chrome

1. Open the settings for the browser and then click on Show Advanced settings and locate and click Language and input settings.

2. Locate your desired language that matches the region and language set on the server and click ok which will add the language to your browser however in Chrome if you have multiple languages installed you may still see any issue with the currency symbol that will display, in some cases you will need to remove all languages except the one you are using to resolve this issue.

3. After making the changes restart the browser. 

 Internet Explorer 11

1. Click on the Tools icon and then select Internet Option.

2. At the bottom of the Internet Options dialog window click on Language under Appearance.

3. Add your desired language here and make sure that it is enabled.

4. Confirm all settings then close and re-open the browser.


If you are still see any issue after following the above please click HERE to submit a support request for further assistance.


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